Jump Rope HIIT

HIIT jump rope workouts are the perfect exercise…right?

It’s phenomenal .., stripping off fat and building your anaerobic system, strengthening everything in your body, and increasing muscle coordination and balance. You can do it at home and the equipment is cheap….

There’s just one problem.

Most of us can’t do a HIIT rope jump workout…….we don’t have the skill to jump fast enough.

In this article I will show you exactly how to learn the basic steps and give you drills for improving at light speed.

And then you will get two HIIT jump rope programs, one for speed and other for intensity.

Lets get started…


Basic Jump Rope Steps


Jump Rope Lesson #1: Bounce Step

This is the first step you will be doing and its the easiest one to learn.

Quite simply you will be jumping with both feet off the ground.

You only need to clear enough height so that the rope can swing underneath. Keep your feet together and pointing forward. Do not do a double jump…ie jump once to clear the rope then another time while the rope is in swing. Make sure your jump is light and you are staying on the balls of your feet.

When you can do a few in a row you are ready for the first drill;


Jump Rope Tutorial - Alternate Foot Step from Crossrope

This second step is like you are running on the spot.

You will use one leg to jump over the rope, then the other…and alternate in this motion. Make sure you don’t kick back your feet because the rope will get caught on them.

Jump Rope Beginner Drills

>>>>>>>>> Drill 1: Escalating Drill

The goal of this drill is to enable teach you the basic bounce step.

You have completed it when you are able to jump for a minute in a row, without catching the rope or having to stop.

You will be jumping at approximately 140 revolutions per minute. This is not a speed that will be used for HIIT rope jumping workouts but its slow enough for you to be able to learn.

Each rope jumping set will get longer and longer.

At the end of each set, stop jumping, put the rope behind your knees in the start position, and get set to start again.

The aim is jump for a full minute with good form and without making any mistakes.

Do this drill until you can do the full minute with no error.

You can do this workout everyday for about five minutes.

Don’t worry if you catch the rope or mess up often.

Here’s what will happen.

Your muscles will begin to learn how to co-ordinate themselves. They will start getting stronger at following the activity. Your balance will start improving and quite quickly your skill will start improving.

Once you can do this, its time to learn your next step:

Now, you need to do the same escalating drill with the alternate footstep.

So expect a lot of frustration if you are new to this. You are going to catch your legs and get your timing wrong often. Just know that with every jump your body is slowly improving.

Once you can a minute of rope jumping of both the Basic Bounce step and the Alternating Foot step, you are ready to move onto the second drill.

>>>>>>>>> Drill 2: Capability Drill

The goal of this drill is to entrench the two skills you have just learn’t and give you the ability to use both at the same time.

Here is the workout:

  • Do four Basic Bounce Steps
  • Then without stopping, do four Alternating Foot Steps
  • Swop back to the Basic Bounce Step

Jump like this for a total of four minutes.

You have completed this drill when you can jump for all four minutes without stopping, alternating between each step.

HIIT Speed Rope Workout

Before you attempt this you should be fairly proficient at all the beginner drills.

The intensity HIIT jump rope workout focuses purely on speed. The only jump you will be doing is the alternating foot step.

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How Many Sets Should I Do?

Aim at 5 sets per workout. Start with 30 seconds of intense rope jumping per set. When you have brought your times down to 30 seconds rest, move up to

How Many Repetitions Should I Do?

The idea of the workout is to try and beat your best number of jumps in each set. If you managed 50 jumps in your last set, you will try jump 51. Your goal in each set is to beat your best. This means going faster and faster. 60 seconds per sprint….and then to 120 seconds per sprint, keeping the 60 second rest.

How Long Should I Wait Between Sets?

When you are starting this, rest up for around 90 seconds between each set. Once you find you are catching your breath faster, shorten this by 30 seconds. You should aim at getting it to 30 seconds rest.


If you are interested in having a go at the world record for thirty seconds, here it is…

中国のスーパー中学生、30秒で113回縄を飛ぶ#岑小林再次刷新30秒单摇世界纪录#china boy world record

HIIT Intensity Rope Workout

If you know much about HIIT, you will remember that resistance always beats speed. This rope workout is all about adding more resistance.

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The main jump in this workout is the double under. Have a look at the workout video below to see a demonstration of this jump.

When you move through from the beginner workout to the more advanced, you will begin alternating the jumps.

All of the jumps are Double Under Jumps…ie the rope will pass beneath your feet twice for each jump.

The idea is do two jumps, then alternate.

So for example

  • 2 X Double under
  • 2 X Double under Forward straddle
  • 2 X Double under
  • 2 X DU Forward Straddle
  • etc….

Start with only stacking two types of jumps, then add a third and fourth.

  • 2 X Double under
  • 2 X Double under Forward straddle
  • 2 X Double under Arm Cross over
  • 2 X Full Twist

Click here to view demonstrations of all the different jumps you can add.

How Many Sets Should I Do?

Do 5 sets

How Many Repetitions Should I Do?

As with the speed workout, your aim is to beat your personal best. Count your jumps on every set and try and go faster and faster.

Because of the double Under’s, there will obviously be less jumps per set than the speed workout.

How Long Should I Wait Between Sets?

Start off with 90 seconds rest and bring this down as soon as you can.

For the 60 second sprints have 60 second of rest

For the 30 second sprints bring it down to 30 seconds of rest

Just in case you need any double under motivation:

岑小林双摇跳 Double-Under by cen xiaolin

Adding Resistance to the workouts:

There is equipment you can add to the HIIT jump rope workouts to make them more difficult.

Weighted Vests

Weighted vests will make jumping harder and more tiring.

It will also require your muscles to get stronger so its excellent for improving your form and strengthening your body

Heavy Ropes

Using a heavier rope will add more power and endurance to your upper body muscles.

Your shoulders, arms and back will need to work harder during the workout.

So don’t go much over 2lbs when choosing a heavy rope.

And just remember that heavy ropes will turn slower than the speed ropes you have become accustomed to.

HIIT Jump Rope Exercises

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Criss Cross

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