HIIT For Beginners

The HIIT for beginners workout will lose you at least 20lbs of excess fat.

It doesnt matter where you are now. You will get fit.

You will see the effects of this in less than 4 weeks and it will be the easiest HIIT workout you have ever tried.

But before we get to the workout…

Two X 2l Bottles of Fat Burnt Off…

Short bursts of high energy are what our bodies where designed for.

We burn more calories in high interval tasks over steady state IF we exercise at enough intensity.

There was a study done at the University of Western Ontario. The program comprised 30 second sprints three times a week.

The HIIT group lost 12.4% of their body fat in 6 weeks.

Just imagine, for an average overweight person, that could be equal to two coke bottles made of fat, disappearing in 6 weeks. 

Another study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the HIIT group had leaner toned bodies, the lowest waist to hip ratios and the skinniest waists over the other groups.

 You don’t want skinny; you want shape…

So HIIT gets you fitter and looking fantastic the faster, with the least amount of time in exercise.

Why is this? 

  1. You burn off more calories throughout the day (EPOC)
  2. You build a body that gets better at burning off fat. (Increased Mitochondria)

So there’s no no debate, right?

Well, there is… 

For great results, you need INTENSE workouts!

There’s a small elite club who workout intensely…and with the mp3’s, you can join but..

A lot of the exercises on this website ask for the athlete to give it everything (10) on the sprints. 

If you are doing interval training for beginners, going from sitting on a sofa for ten years to suddenly belting it as if you made the 100 meter Olympic final may not be the best thing for your body. 

3 Crucial Elements

  • Intense workouts, but not more than you can handle.
  • You will need to progress on a proper scale as you get fitter, adding more intensity and more sets.
  • You will need to keep doing these exercises consistency. You will get to a point where your intensity is sparking the changes you want in your body. Up to that point though your workout is designed to build capacity FOR that intensity.

These points are crucial -- it is the difference between succeeding or failing.  

I’ve written a short one pager on how you can manage this in the program. Its simple when you get the hang of it. 

Normal HIIT for beginners programs will not give you the ability to progress according to your fitness. You will also not have the mp3 support to keep you going. 

These MP3’s will ensure you finish each workout at the right intensity. This takes the onus off you and puts your results on automatic.

This Workout Works…

Before I started this site, I ran an Interval training site called the Lose belly fat workout. It was an HIIT for beginners workout. 

Over 60 000 people took part in this workout. On average most people lost around 20 pounds and got fit. 

I had three people who lost over 100 pounds each, just using these HIIT progressions. (they took a little longer than 10 weeks) 

I don’t have their emails anymore, but here are a few comments on one of the interval training for beginners YouTube videos.

What are the best exercises for Beginners HIIT?

If you are just starting out I would recommend not sprinting. Why is that? Because although sprinting is GREAT for HIIT, it also comes with a very high risk of injuring yourself.

If you choose sprinting however, just make sure you take it easy. Sprint a three quarter pace for at least the first couple of weeks, gradually adding more speed.

I would prefer you start on a machine that enables you to control your speed and resistance.

My absolute best for this is a HIIT bike like a spinning bike. Second on my list would be the StairMaster which is awesome for HIIT.

Other options are a treadmill and a elliptical machine.

Whatever the exercise, just remember to ease into them.

HIIT for Beginners: The Workout

It builds from a beginner HIIT workout with 6 sets and lots of rest to the Standard HIIT routine with 15 sets and a lot less rest in 8 weeks. 

Expect fast increases in fitness and changes to your body.

The first version started out tough, and just got tougher, so I’ve scaled it down a little. Its still tough but its a lot easier to get into now.

It works because its simple…so you will stick to it AND its very very effective!

OK, here is what the table means: 

The sprint represents how long you sprint for. This is consistent over the whole program. You will always exercise hard for 30 seconds. 

Next is the rest period. So week 1 will have a rest period of 90 seconds where you can catch your breath. 

Then comes the number of sets. This just represents the number of times you repeat the cycle. So for week 1, you repeat it four times, your routine will look like this. 

These mp3’s rock, but try them out. See for yourself.

And here’s my promise… this program will stay free for as long as its up here. So try it out. Theres no risk.

Why am I offering this for free?  

Simple, when you realize how easy it is to get the body of your dreams, you will want more of these mp3’s…. I have lots of other more adventurous programs

There is no risk,  they either work for you or they don’t, but you will only know if you try. 

Click on the order form. 

Add your email and you will immediately be able to download the program. 

HIIT for Beginners

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