About Us

IntervalTraining.net is a home for people who actually want to transform their bodies into something they are proud of.

So, let me guess. You wouldn’t describe yourself in absolutely perfect shape, right? You have done some HIIT and some gym work…and…not much happens… Your transformed body just hasn’t appeared. In fact the gains you first saw just disappear…and its starting to get you mad.

Now that why we are here.

We use clever tools and world class workouts to make sure you get what you are going for.

Where we came from

After a lot of frustration with people not being able to stick to their HIIT workouts, we launched the Lose Belly Fat Workout. 

It trained over 60 000 people with fantastic results. 

We figured out then that if we could put together cutting edge programs that people would actually stick to, then they would get the results they wanted…You, would get the results you want.