Briefly outline why your topic is important

You may already know that email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

Mention a common challenge (or challenges)

But how can you take advantage of it?
For email marketing to work you need to build a list, get your emails delivered… and then have your subscribers actually open your emails.

Pitch your guide

In this guide I’m going to help you overcome all of these email marketing obstacles (and more).

Answer Paragraph: this is the answer to the question. It should be just under three lines long and answer the question completely.

Female Athlete Holding Shoes

Third Paragraph

Create intrigue to read the rest of the article. Entice them with information that is contained in the rest of the article that they wouldn’t have got in the answer paragraph.

1st Subheading – The Research

Answer the main question in detail. Include media like a table of information or a bulleted list to explain more information. Discuss caveats to the main answer. (400 words or so)

2nd Subhead – The Workout

What else are they going to ask? (eg…if answering how much does a pool cost, this subhead might be about the different materials you can build with, and how this affects the price)

Exercise Descriptions

Exercise Heading