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Tabata Training on the row machine.

I was advised that a great method of Tabata training is on the rowing machine. Will this still work as well?

Also I do this about 2-3 times a week with two set of 4 minutes each session. Is this too much?

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by: the hawk

rowing is perfect for tabata training,i do tabata intervals twice a week on concept2 after a steady 5km row,and have taken 10secs of my 2k pb after 4 weeks training.if done correctly i think it would be unwise to 2x 4mins.

by: Anonymous

My workout recently has been

4 min Tabata on rower
1 min rest
4 min tabtata on spin bike @ highest resistance @ 125rpm cadence
1min rest
4min tabata of kettlebell swings 16kg

I am a regular cyclist

I find this workout a great way to start the day and will be trying to vary the kb part of it

Tabata Rows
by: Scott R

Today I decided to try Tabata on a rowing machine. WOW!
Other than running sprints, rowing kicked my butt better than any other form of exercise I've tried so far using the Tabata method.
I've found my choice of equipment for Tabata for sure!

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