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How many Calories does Tabata burn

by Sue

This Tabata training looks hectic but i am keen, I am probably going to start and use this mainly for fat loss. The one thing i wanted to try and workout was how many calories does this burn?

I took a calorie counter and plugged the figures in and comes up with 80 calories? So i don't see how its possible to lose a huge amount of weight in that time if you really are not burning a lot of calories off.

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Its not about the calories
by: Greg

mmm, ok, its a little about calories but the point here is that you need to look at the overall picture of calories over a 24 to 48 hour period rather than just over the tabata protocol.

With the tabata protocol you end up raising your metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours. So instead of looking at what calories are burned up its better to look at how many more calories your body needs over a period of time. Only then will it start making sense.

So how can we calculate this?
by: Brian

Is there a way that you can calculate what you are going to burn so that you can then predict what sort of fat loss you can achieve?

Problems with a formula
by: Greg

The problem with trying to bring this down to a formula is that there are too many unknowns to figure it out. If we start with a persons metabolism we can get an idea by working out BMR and you can also work out how many calories the person is eating but as soon as we add exercise you have problems - the amount of muscle mass involved in the exercise will change the equation as will the intensity that the exercise is performed. These measurements are individual for everyone so its really hard to bring it into an equation.

the afterburn
by: diegs

Just to add to what Greg said, the good thing about Tabata training is that it increases EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), which then causes the body to increase the body's metabolism- hours, or sometimes days, AFTER the workout..The important thing here to consider is how much you're burning after, not during, the workout since this afterburn contributes majority of fat-loss.

Burn while you sleep
by: Pete

There will also be a very high level of lactic acid produced which will trigger growth hormone which burns the fat. Especially when you go to bed you'll be burning fat cos of the growth hormone produced!

800-1000 calories for a 30 min session
by: Anonymous

I do a tabata workout class 3x a week, and the classes are in 30 minute sessions (so it starts wtih a warmup, followed by a tabata interval, followed by modified tabata intervals for arms and abs, followed by a few other modified tabata intervals for legs, and then sprints at the end). One of the women in my group has a body bug, and one day she wore it she burned 800 calories (in 30 min!!) and the next day she burned 950 calories. Don't try and plug the workout into formulas, there is nothing out there like this that exists and will work you out nearly as hard. Plus, you continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours following the workout. Well worth it. I have been doing it for 6 weeks, and didn't really need to lose any weight, but have SERIOUSLY toned up and lost 5 lbs. My body has never looked better.

I love Tabata wish i knew about it sooner
by: Anonymous

I got married in may and exercised on exercise TV 21/2 months before wedding on demand 20-30 min a day and it was slowly working then after my wedding i found Tabata i get bored quick but you can change this up in so many ways hard to get bored after a workout i get a high energy level and i lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks but its not the weight its the way my body looks its transforming only been doing it for 24 days and the change is signifigant I love Tabata

Probably not entirely correct...
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to point out that there is very little evidence suggesting that interval protocols (tabata or any other) can actually boost metabolism. In fact there is mounting evidence that this is not the case at all!

However, there is a lot of evidence that improved aerobic capacity will boost the body's ability to efficiently transform fat into energy. This means that a calorie deficiency will cause fat to be burnt rather than muscle.

Doesn't make HIIT any less valuable, but keep in mind that a calorie is still a calorie; there's no magic involved! With a hefty calorie surplus YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT no matter how many intervals you run/lift...

Excuse for sitting longer on the couch
by: Anonymous

First of all: Tabata intervals are not meant for fat loss; their were designed to increase VO2max levels on athletes, and that is hat I use them for.

I don't even know if some of the high intensity trainigs they call "Tabata" can be considered as such. The propper Tabata interval is done on the static bike or the elliptical.

I can't recall the figures now. but the increase was between 13% or so the first four hours, and it got down to 4% this means that for each 100 cals you burn 13 more during 4 hours and 4 more during some time.

Most people think that this magic intervals will save them hours of training and allow more time on the couch watching TV... but the effects are negligible: One single extra cheese cracker will neutralize it. Compare this to the 600 calories your burn during one hour normal easy elliptical at normal heart rate.

The REAL use of proper Tabatas are to improve your VO2max and allow you to run/bike/lift more and more longer not as a substitute for real excercise

by: Anonymous

If you look at the original Tabata paper this form of HIIT actually improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance, admittedly in athletes. Studies within my department suggest it does the same for 'normal people' too. Alongside a calorie controlled diet, and with a concomitant decrease in sedentary behaviour, you should see fat loss.

Tabata Weight Loss
by: JazzyJdizzz

I AM living proof tabata works great for fatloss/weight-loss.
I lost over 20 pounds using this method. I will admit, at first I had to start with HIIT and
have longer rest periods. After the initial few
times of puking and seeing stars, which for me
was probably the first 2 weeks, your body adjusts to the high levels of exercise. Then after a few weeks of HIIT(About 4/5) I was able to do Tabata training. I can EASILY say it was the greatest time saving and fat burning exercise method i have ever used.
I would do sprints for my tabata training, and be done in less than 5 minutes, but total time was about 15 minutes because of my warm up and cool down period. I don't understand why people bash this method and say it's just a cop out for people to sit on their arses after only 4 minutes of working out..if you do it correctly and eat RIGHT you can more than meet your fitness goals. LOL im writing this after just working out doing tabata.
Just one last thing, like i said earlier tabata is obviously really intense and everyone is different so do what your capable of and know your limits! <3 Tabata

Heavy weightlifter
by: Gabriel

I lift heavy and stick to compounds, aka squats, deadlifts, barbell press, pullups, benchpress.
I do tabatas between days off. I will do two religiously.

My deadlift went from 255 max to 305 and every other workout has improved. It does burn calories. For people sitting on thero lards arses its way better than doing nothing, but start slow.
For those on the treadmill ir elliptical, puhlease, even if you di them tabata style your atill fooling yourselves.

Try 8 full effort 100 meter sprints with 60 second rests and see if those 10 miles on incline while your hands grasp the treadmill have helped you any.
Tabatas are real, real painful, and can be incorporated into any workout, just do real exercises and skip the machines.

Don't you love: "research shows that..."?
by: Anonymous

What research? What evidence? Why not put in an actual citation?

Unless you are talking about a direct personal experience (like the body bug example above), than by not including a citation, the statement is either: 1) plagiarism or 2) hearsay.

Still waiting
by: Anonymous

I have been doing this since April and I have not seen or felt any difference; my clothing is getting tighter. Can menopause be that much of a factor?

Works for Me
by: pieear

I'm a 67-year-old woman, fairly active, did Tabata regularly for a year just as a good way to jump start my day. I wasn't concerned with weight loss but did initially drop 10 pounds. Because of life changes I haven't done Tabata for 10 weeks, until today. Boy, did I notice a difference! I could hardly finish a routine I was doing regularly just weeks ago. That's enough to prove to me it works to enhance my fitness level. I'll find a way to regularly work those four minutes into my morning again.

by: Great workout no substitute for diet

High intensity interval training, as used in the Tabata
Method, is the fastest way to burn calories. Based on
Studies I was apart of with OSU the change in body fat
Percentage, VO2 max, was significantly better than with
A steady-state cardio work out. It all depends on the
Effort expended during the work out that makes the
difference. Walking 1 mile vs sprinting 1 mile. The idea behind performing intervals is to
deplete the stored "calories" your body retains for
emergency use. It then takes a minimum of 24 hrs
to replenish the calorie stores in addition to calories
burned through the workout. The best way to track
it is by measuring your heart rate through out the
work out.
As to the post about post menapausal weight gain. Watching your diet and weight lifting to combat muscle loss should make
the difference in addition to your cardio. More muscle leads to a higher calorie burn at a resting state. As you age you continually lose muscle mass which leads to lower metabolism. It only takes 3 days for your lungs to start to lose their ability to perform during cardio.

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