HIIT Ab Workouts – 4 World Class Core Workouts

These HIIT Ab workouts will tone your abs, build your core and burn fat.

absNot only does HIIT burn fat, but it can work the core and strengthen it.

Below are four different HIIT ab workouts. The first one really targets your abs and includes cardio to burn off the fat that hides the abs.

The second workout is all about building a steel core. Created by one of the world premier experts, this will give you the same results top athelets get from core workouts.

The third one is a HIIT workout to target the abs and obliques. The last is a workout generator which will allow you to create your own Ab HIIT workout for yourself.

 HIIT Ab Workout

Abs are built in the kitchen….right?

Of course they are, but you do need to exercise too.

At some point, I’ll post the diet that will go with this workout, but for now, here is a killer routine for targetting the abs.

And this workout is going to burn.

Its fantastic because you get to work all parts of your abs and burn through a lot of energy at the same time.

You could easily add this to the end or beginning of a gym workout.

This HIIT ab workout will define your six pack and burn through the layer of fat on top of them at the same time.



The workout is a follows:

Leg Raise30 Secs
V-Ups30 Secs
Flutter Kick30 Secs
Plank Jacks30 Secs
Rest60 Secs

You can mix up the timings if you would like.

If you are struggling with the length of the set, break each exercise down into 20 seconds.

Leg Raise20 Secs
V-Ups20 Secs
Flutter Kick20 Secs
Plank Jacks20 Secs
Rest60 Secs

If that is still too hard, do each exercise for 30 seconds but then rest for 30 seconds between each exercise.

Leg Raise30 Secs30 Secs
V-Ups30 Secs30 Secs
Flutter Kick30 Secs30 Secs
Plank Jacks30 Secs30 Secs

HIIT Ab Exercises

Leg Raises

Lie down on your back, place your hands under the small of your back to release strain on your back. keep your legs straight and raise your feet six inchs off the floor. Keeping them straight, raise your feet up as far as possible. Stop at the top to remove momentum, then lower them back down to the starting position. Your feet should not touch the floor at any point. Have a look at the video for some variations.


Lie on your back with your hands stretched out. Keep your legs straight. In one movement lift your arms and legs and try touch your toes. Your body and legs should make the shape of a V.

Flutter Kick

Lie on your back with your arms by your sides. Lift your feet six inches off the floor and kick your feet up and down, while keeping your legs straight.

Plank Jacks

Start in a plank position but with your arms bent and resting on your elbows.Your body should form a straight line all along your back to your ankles. Engage your core. Jump your feet out to side, like a jumping jack, but keep your top half of your body still. Jump back into your starting position.



HIIT Core Workout

Showing your abs is one thing, but the HIIT core workout is a little different….

What if you are looking for a bullet proof midsection? I’m talking about a steel core that will keep you balanced and strong. Something that will prevent injury.

The last workout focussed on exercising your abs with HIIT, and burning fat so your abs will show through.

This one one is not as energy intensive, its more about strengthing your core, so that you will do everything else better.

The workout is from Dr. Stuart McGill. If you have done any research on core work, you will know that his name comes up again and again.

A good core workout will work all the ab muscles around the spine in a way that supports the spine.

This workout will give you the same results as a world class athlete.




McGill Curlupleft leg48 Secs30 secs
Right Leg48 Secs
Stir the PotLeft side530 secs
Right side5
Side BridgeLeft side48 Secs30 secs
Right side48 Secs
Bird DogLeft side430 secs
Right Side4

 oblique_headerHIIT Obliques Workout for Abs

Obliques are not actually part of a six pack, they are that V-shaped muscle on the side of the Abs.

This workout is designed to specifically target the obliques.

When picking weights, choose a weight that you will end up close to failure by the end of the set.


Cable Woodchop30 secs30 secs
30 secs
Russian Twist60 sec30 secs
Bicycle Crunch60 secs30 secs

Do each exercise for 60 seconds, the rest for 30 seconds. (You can adjust these if you need to)

Do the cable woodchop for 30 seconds each side, without resting in between.

HIIT Oblique Exercises

Cable Woodchop

Connect a standard handle to a tower, at its highest position. Stand sideways to the tower. With your outstreched hand grab the handle. Then add your other hand. Pull the cable down and across your body to your opposite knee whilst rotating your body.

Russian Twist

Sit on the floor, with your knees bent and feet flat. Hold your arms out straight and bend back at 45 degrees. At the same time raise your feet off the floor. Engage your core and rotate left as far as you can, then return. Then rotate right and repeat.

Bicycle Crunch


Lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders into a crunch position. Raise your feet off the ground, bring your right leg up to your chest. At the same time touch your right knee with your left elbow. Straighten your right leg while you bend your left leg, bringing your right elbow up. Repeat. Doing this slowly with concentration will add benefits.


Build Your Own HIIT Ab Workout

At some point you may want to change your exercises up.

This workout generator will let you create your own routine. All of the exercises are designed to target your abs.


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