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Interval Training for Beginners

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Henry Cavill's Superman Workout

Most guys want to look like Superman, now you can get the same workout Henry Cavill used to build his Superman body

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Interval Training: Training for Fitness, Fat Loss and Performance

Interval training can supercharge your fitness, boost your metabolism, burn off that extra fat with a blow torch and enable you to start reaching those fitness goals that you have set yourself.

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Green Smoothie Health Coach

Low carb is a misleading term. Nutritionally empty, high calorie refined carbs are no good for anyone. Healthy carbs from vegetables are essential, and

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Muscle Imbalances

Are You Training Hard But Not Getting The Results You Want? Perhaps Your Body Is Imbalanced?

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Tabata Interval Question

When doing Tabata intervals is it important to maintain the same weight throughout the entire exercise or is decreasing the weight okay to maintain speed?

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