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HIIT Training: 30 Second Interval Workout

Hiit TrainingThe 30 Second workout is the ideal place to start with Interval training.

Most interval workouts start with 30 Second workouts, If you are beginner please make sure that you stretch, warm up and warm down properly for every workout.

If you are aiming at training above your lactate threshold you need to go fast enough to feel that the last few seconds feel almost impossible to keep running. Everything in your body should be burning. If you are fit and are not getting to this point in the sprint intervals, don’t save yourself for later, give it all up front, go harder and then try and survive through the rest of the workout.

Start this with 6 intervals and gradually migrate to 12. Rest periods also come down from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Remember to warm up and cool down properly

If you are interested in getting the most out of your 30 Second intervals, consider using this these 30 second interval sprints. by IntervalMP3.

They really help push up your intensity during intervals.


Hiit Training 1

hiit workout 3


Hiit Training 2

hiit workout 2


Hiit Training 3

hiit workout 1

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