Can I do HIIT every day?

Doing HIIT every day is possible but not a great idea.

Think of your muscles as a formula one car. If you took it out onto the track and screamed through a race, the car could go pretty fast, but if after the race your technicians didn’t get a chance to repair the car and you took it out again, it probably wouldn’t go as fast and it would have a good chance of breaking down. The same thing happens with your body when it does HIIT, the muscles need time to recover and repair.  

If you are doing HIIT properly then your interval training sessions should be exhausting your intramuscular energy supplies and putting strains on your muscles to adapt. You don’t want to interrupt the changes that are happening. For this reason its best to wait 48 hours before you do interval training again, this gives your body time to recover.

If you are insistent on doing HIIT every day then there are some scenarios for achieving this. The first scenario is through a workout called turbulence training. The HIIT intervals are intense but do not last as long as a standard session. Another scenario is changing the muscles that you use. If your HIIT session today was on a stationary bike, you could do another exercise tomorrow, for example HIIT on a rowing machine. The best combination is to alternate HIIT intervals with weight sessions.