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Interval Training: Sculpting Your Body Into a Work of Art is a resource for anyone is is truly looking to take their bodies to the next level. In this site you will find advice on Training, Nutrition, Fat Loss and Health:

  • Look like a Superhero: Henry Cavill will be the new Superman in Man of Steel, coming soon to our cinemas, find out what metabolic workout he used to get in shape,
  • Training Hard But Not Looking Good? We train hard to look fantastic.Your training is designed not only to make sure you are healthier but also to make sure those jeans look...
  • The Quest for a Six Pack: If you are looking for great core workouts, don't do crunches....I'm serious, don't do them...
  • The Lose Belly Fat Workout: This may be one of the most efficient interval workouts for weight loss so you can lose belly fat fast but make no mistake, this workout is hard.
  • 30 Second Interval Workout: The 30 second sprint is where most interval trainers start out at. It's challenging but not overly difficult for beginners...
  • Tweaking the diet: A lot of the times you can follow a diet but it still doesn't work. The remedy for this is quite often tweaking a few small things and this can usually bring about massive improvements in your weight loss.
  • Vegetarian for High Performance? I just finished reading a book called Thrive by Brendan Brazier. He's an iron man athlete but what makes him unusual is he's completely vegan...
  • Calories, HIIT and Mythbusting: What burns calories? Few commercialized areas of science are so filled with myths as that focused on weight loss. Everyone wants a easy, harmless, no-willpower answer...
  • Nutrition for Interval Training, Just the basics: When do you eat? How much do you eat? What do you eat?
  • Fast Weight Loss: The Magic of EPOC: The key to faster weight loss is not in the exercise you do but in what happens after it...
  • Losing more Fat: Don’t you just get hopping mad when you do a ton of exercise and you really don't lose any weight at all? You may try and fool yourself that it’s ok but every time you look in the mirror, it doesn't lie...
  • The Fat Burning Zone: Destroying the Myth for Good...So as the theory goes, the fat burning zone is the one where we exercise at moderate intensities, any more that this and we stop burning fat?...
  • Weight Loss Secrets: The One True Secret:
    Knowing the only way that you can lose body fat will change the way that you plan your exercise routines and organise your diets. It also makes it crystal clear what you need to do if you want to lose fat.

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